25 Years of Hits features Craig ‘Catfish’ Hunter as your host for the original ‘country count-up’ program. “I’ve known Craig for over 30 years and it’s a real Pleasure to work with such a talented person”, says Bob Utley, who produces and syndicates the weekly show through Cable Car Productions. “Craig is a consummate professional – someone you can relate to and trust because he connects with listeners on a personal level. With more than 8 years at the helm, 25 Years of Hits offers the perfect network platform for Craig to excel.”

Craig is a nationally recognized air personality with over 35 years of major market broadcast experience from coast-to-coast in cities like Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Jose/San Francisco, St. Louis, Detroit, Boston and Denver. Recipient of the coveted A.I.R award for best afternoon drive time four consecutive years, Craig consistently wins. To prove it, he currently handles the afternoon commute in Tampa Bay at US 103.5!