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Rotary of Lincoln is holding their annual summer food drive for Christian Community Action. Every summer, CCA has had a food shortage.  Schools are out, and there are no meals for students.  People tend to travel more.  People know instinctively during the year end giving season (around Christmas time) that we need to keep people from being “cold and hungry”; however, while it is not so easy to imagine people who are “hot and hungry,” need knows no season, and CCA’s food supplies run low because there is a higher demand during the Summer, yet the donations are traditionally lower. Rotary of Lincoln has made it a primary mission to address this particular need.  RL wants help to raise 10,000 cans of food this Summer: the “10 kilo can” goal!  RL, furthermore, wants to raise awareness because the community’s help is needed if the problem is to be ameliorated.  RL, therefore, asks for your help. How can you help?  The easiest way is to pick up a bag of food at Super One.  Adjacent to the vitamin section is the yellow banner, under which you can simply grab a bag of food valued between $5-7, and put it in your shopping cart.  The cashier will take the bag at check out and put it up for CCA. Other organizations also can help.  First Baptist and Temple Baptist have coordinated canned food drives at their Vacation Bible Schools two years in a row, pitting the girls versus the boys in a contest to see who can give the most canned food to CCA.  Other churches and organizations are requested to join in this effort.  The Lincoln Parish Bar Association, e.g., already held a fund raiser for the summer food drive. RL also asks for help from other civic clubs either to raise money or to collect food for the summer food drive. In the summer of 2015 alone, CCA issued 34,440 cans of food, yet only 9,830 food items were donated.  After the first annual Summer food drive, CCA distributed 35,070 items of food in the Summer, but the Summer donations increased to 17,160 because the first annual RL food drive increased donations by 8,155 food items.  In terms of one full year, CCA has assisted over 2,200 families with regular services, such as distributing 95,000 pounds of food, 10,500 articles of clothing, and $15,000.00 in utility assistance.  CCA also handles other emergencies within Lincoln Parish. RL expects that the “10 kilo can” goal will be met this summer, and hopefully exceeded.  Lincoln Parish should not know hunger, and RL believes that this Parish of Lincoln will rise to the occasion and surpass expectations.