Last week I started this movie review blog to give overworked parents an idea of what is out there to watch. Since the idea is to help families find something to watch with the kids and then something for mom and dad to watch after the kids go to bed, this implies that both movies are good. Today, on only the second installment of this feature, we take somewhat of a detour. The kids movie is great and I wholeheartedly endorse it. The parents movie this week is…different. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For the Kids:


If you, like me, are one of those people that find Scottish accents hilarious then this is the animated movie for you. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is top-notch, the jokes are funny, and the story is heartwarming, but it’s the brogues that hooked me. Brave follows tomboy Merida, voiced by the Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald (Nanny McPhee, Boardwalk Empire) as she struggles with the traditional princess role that has been thrust upon her by her mother, the queen. Merida is more Robin Hood than Maid Marian, and loves archery more than fashion. Comedian Billy Connolly is hilarious as Merida’s oafish but kindhearted father. And the excellent Emma Thompson as Merida’s stern but loving mother shines as usual. Brave has plenty of action but also lots of heart. At it’s center it’s really about the complicated relationship between mother and daughter. But also fairies, witches, and evil bears.

For the parents:


Do you love movies about dystopian future orphans rollerskating in the desert? No? Well this movie might not be for you. This movie might not exactly be “For the Parents” or the kids. Or anybody for that matter. I’m not saying that this is a must-watch that I fully endorse. It’s a mess. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s very dated. The special effects are lame. So why am I including it? It’s a good bad movie. If you ever enjoy watching a movie because it’s so bad that it’s funny, then here you go. It stars a very young Lukas Haas (Inception, The Revenant) Jason Patric (Lost Boys, Speed 2) and Jami Gertz (Lost Boys, Twister.)  I will admit that the reason I watched this movie was because I read an article in which Mel Brooks who was  the Executive Producer of this misbegotten gem, was interviewed. He explained that several forces conspired to make this movie half pretty good and half the worst movie ever. I don’t think the pretty good half was included in the version I saw. As a young boy I saw Jami Gertz in Lost Boys and have had a serious crush on her ever since. That may have also been a factor as to why I rented it from amazon. Wow. I don’t think I can sum up the plot. I spent most of the time marveling at how big Gertz’s hair is. I realize 1986 was a big year for big hair but this is on a whole other level. At least watch the trailer. It’s not a comedy, but it’s still hilarious.

I’ll be back next week with one for the kids and one for after the kids are in bed. There probably won’t be any ironic choices next time.